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Welcome to🌿, an auditory sanctuary founded by Danilo Tomić and Jan Nemeček, where the ethereal essence of relaxation music converges with contemporary digital landscapes. Our journey✈️ from a pioneering netlabel to a serene retreat intertwines the narrative experience of music with the organic tapestry of relaxation sounds. Specializing in 'sound baths,' we offer not just music, but stories told through harmonious, natural soundscapes🌊.

Join us in this harmonious fusion of spa mastery and musical narrative, where each sound bath is not just a listening experience, but a journey towards inner peace✨ and rejuvenation💆. Embrace the tranquility and storytelling artistry that Danilo and Jan have woven into every note and rhythm.

😶‍🌫️ Sound Baths


lbdl - Day Two (The Strawberry Incident)

In the most recent odyssey from lbdl, we are invited to traverse the ethereal tapestry of a narrative, meticulously woven with threads of introspection and camaraderie. This saga unfurls within the vibrant cultural mosaic of the late 80s, where a collective of souls embarks upon a quest for serenity and profound understanding amidst the culinary and libational landscapes.

Amidst this journey of enlightenment and sensory exploration, a singular, harrowing event emerges as a crucible, laying bare the intricate tapestry of our human essence. This moment, a microcosm of turmoil, serves as a mirror reflecting the multifaceted reactions that shock and adversity ignite within us. It is a narrative that delves into the chasms of loss, the searing flames of anger, and the nebulous haze of confusion.

This chronicle, a poignant exploration of the human condition, navigates the tumultuous waters of emotional upheaval. It is an elegy to the resilience and fragility of the human spirit, a meditation on the transformative power of confronting our darkest moments. Through this narrative, lbdl crafts not just a story, but a reflective journey into the heart of what it means to be human in the face of profound disquiet.



Jan Nemeček - Am Kiehlufer

Norbu Spa, a sanctuary of untold narratives, veiled from the discerning gaze of ecclesiastical entities, becomes the clandestine haven for the "Secret Choral Saints of Fabulous Hair." In this secluded alcove, a coterie of companions finds solace in the harmonious embrace of a soothing jam session, their spirits buoyed by an abundance of luscious, fresh fruit.

Each chord struck and melody woven hints at a utopian future, a dreamscape where the creation of music is a universal joy, accompanied by a symphony of refreshing libations. This vision, a tableau of communal artistry and indulgence, is a poignant reflection of the world as it could be – a place where every soul is liberated to express through song, cradled in the arms of camaraderie and sweet refreshment.



lbdl - Day One (At the Spa)

"Day One (At the Spa)" by lbdl is a mesmerizing debut that weaves the tale of two souls embarking on a hazy but transcendent journey of relaxation and culinary delight within the sanctuary of a spa. Hinting the start of their euphoric adventure, the album artfully juxtaposes the exhilaration of their high with the tranquil ambiance of the spa, crafting a narrative that dances between the soothing tranquility of relaxation and the joyous indulgence in gourmet pleasures.

As the narrative unfolds, it crescendos into dramatic confrontations and exhilarating conclusions, each moment a brushstroke in this intricate mural of life. The story, imbued with depth and realism, leaves the audience yearning to accompany our heroes further. It poses an enigmatic question: What revelations will the morrow bring in this odyssey of the soul? This part of the journey is not just a sequence of events, but a poetic exploration of life's ebb and flow, inviting the listener to ponder the unfathomable depths of the human experience.